We are a group of young people who believe in the effectiveness of 3D and VR / AR technologies for e-commerce, and that is why our goal is to make them easy and accessible for everyone.

Electronic commerce has been experiencing constant and very accelerated growth, which allows users to acquire products quickly without having to travel, saving resources and saving time.

But there are many products that require more than a photo to be able to convince that it is the right one for the customer. According to studies, users require at least 6 photos to see all the characteristics of the products.

That is why with QUAR we improve the experience of customers with your products so that through augmented reality and 3D modeling they can interact with it and finish convincing themselves that it is their ideal product.

We offer a personalized 3D layout service of products and objects, integrating them through our server to the stores and web pages, allowing us to show the product in its entirety, or even test it through Virtual Reality in the real world.

Our mission is that clients choose you! We want you to stand out from your competitors.